watch1 [ watʃ ] verb ***
1. ) intransitive or transitive to look at someone or something for a period of time:
Have you been watching the presidential campaign?
Tourists watched quietly as the villagers performed a traditional dance.
watch someone/something do something: Jill watched the children build sandcastles.
From the hill you can watch the airplanes take off.
watch someone/something doing something: We arrived early to watch the players warming up.
watch how/who/what etc.: Watch how well she handles the ball.
watch with interest/amusement/fascination etc.: A vicious-looking dog was watching us with interest.
a ) transitive to look at something such as a television show or sports event, usually from the beginning to the end:
Our kids watch videos only on weekends.
Did you watch the news last night?
Millions watched the match on television.
b ) transitive to secretly look at someone or something for a period of time, especially because you want to get information or do something illegal:
I think our house is being watched.
c ) transitive always in imperative SPOKEN used for telling someone to look at you while you do something:
Watch what I can do.
Watch me!
2. ) transitive to be careful of something:
Watch the knife! It's sharp!
watch how/who/what etc.: You should watch what you say about my friends.
watch (that): Watch you don't spend too much money.
3. ) transitive to take care of a child, an animal, or someone's property for a short time and make sure that nothing harms it:
Can you please watch my bag while I make a phone call?
Dennis is going to watch the kids tonight while I'm out.
just/you watch SPOKEN
used for emphasizing that you know what will happen in a particular situation:
He'll be out of money in no time, just watch.
watch your back
to make sure that no one does anything to harm or trick you
watch the clock
to keep looking at the time on a clock or watch because you are bored or you want something to end
watch it SPOKEN
1. ) used for telling someone to be careful
2. ) used for threatening someone
watch someone like a hawk
to watch someone very carefully, especially in order to make sure that they do not do something bad
watch your mouth SPOKEN
used for telling someone in an angry or rude way that they should not have said something
watch your step
1. ) SPOKEN used for telling someone to be careful where they walk
2. ) INFORMAL used for saying that someone should be careful because they could get into trouble or make someone angry
watch this space
used for telling someone that the situation is still developing and that you will provide more information soon:
Watch this space for news updates.
watch the time
to make sure that you know what time it is so you are not late for something
watch your weight
to be careful about what you eat so that you do not get fat
watch what you're doing SPOKEN
used for telling someone to be more careful because they nearly caused an accident
watch the world go by
to sit or stand somewhere and enjoy watching other people as they pass
watch yourself
1. ) to be careful not to do something offensive or harmful:
I have to really watch myself around my boss.
2. ) SPOKEN used for telling someone to be careful so that they do not get hurt
`watch for or ,watch `out for phrasal verb transitive
watch for something/someone to pay attention so that you will see something when it arrives or happens:
Watch for Ryan. He's here somewhere.
We watched for dolphins jumping on the horizon.
,watch `out phrasal verb intransitive
to be careful:
Watch out, those mushrooms could be poisonous!
You could have a nasty accident if you don't watch out.
,watch `out for phrasal verb transitive
1. ) watch out for something/someone to be careful of something or someone:
Watch out for snakes!
The program will discuss street crime and what you should watch out for.
2. ) watch out for something/someone same as WATCH FOR:
Watch out for big discounts and clearance sales this time of the year.
3. ) watch out for someone to make sure that nothing bad happens to someone:
People in my family have always watched out for one another.
,watch `over phrasal verb transitive
watch over someone/something to guard, protect, or be in charge of someone or something:
Soldiers arrived to watch over the city and maintain peace.
watch 2 [ watʃ ] noun **
1. ) count a small clock that you carry with you, usually on your wrist:
Joseph glanced at his watch and saw that he was late.
2. ) count an organization that continuously watches something to make sure that bad things do not happen:
members of the local neighborhood watch
a ) count or uncount a period of time when someone is responsible for watching a situation, so that they can warn others if there is any danger:
I'm not tired; I'll take the first watch.
on watch: Who was on watch at the time?
b ) count a group of people whose job is to guard something
keep (a) watch
1. ) to pay attention to a situation carefully so that you can deal with any changes or problems:
Scientists are keeping a close watch on pollution levels.
Officers can keep watch from far away using high-powered video cameras.
2. ) to watch someone carefully to make sure that they are safe or that they do not do something bad:
Keep a watch on him in case he gets worse.
We sat by his bed and kept watch over him.
on the watch (for something)
paying careful attention so that you are ready to deal with something if it happens:
His family was always on the watch for early signs of the disease.
under watch
if someone is under watch, they are guarded or watched carefully at all times

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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